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Revealing Info In Home Buyer Needs

Purchasing a new home or condo is a very important decision. Studies show there are many factors which influence buyers when making a home or condo purchase.

Most buyers begin their search with where they want to live. More and more people are choosing to move away from big cities, if they can telecommute or if they’re retired. Taos seems to be an area that is attracting much interest these days.

The National Association of Realtors has provided an insightful survey of home buyers who purchased between 2010 and 2012. Below are some interesting results of their survey.


1) The typically recently purchased home, according to the National Association of Realtors, was 1800 square feet, built in 1996. Of course home buyers with large families tended to purchase larger homes...

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Taos Real Estate is Red Hot!

January 2013 brought a surge in buyers for Taos real estate. It’s unusual for our Taos market to show such strength in the dead of winter, but real estate agents aren’t complaining a bit.

Lower prices on homes, condos and land, coupled with low interest rates, have brought out the buyers. We hope this is the beginning of a great sales year here in the Taos area.

Lots of buyers are taking advantage of the foreclosure market. But there are other hot deals out there that do not involve the foreclosure process. People are interested in land again, dreaming of building their perfect place in the paradise of New Mexico.

We expect to see more homes, condos and land lots entering the market this spring...

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Home and Land Marketing

As a seller of your home, condo or land, it’s helpful to know what your buyers look for when searching for the right property to buy. Here are a few tips to consider when you list your property for sale:


1) How many outlets will your agent use to market your property? Exposure is everything. Online sites such as,,, along with the agent’s website and local MLS are essential. But what does your listing look like in these media? Are there lots of good photos showing your property in its best light? If you’re selling land or a ranch, did your agent show the views, water sources and wildlife in the photos?

2) Is your property greatly overpriced? Many savvy buyers who know the market will automatically skip these listings and wait for the price to come down, ...

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