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Americans’ Confidence in the Economy Continues to Improve

Americans’ confidence in the economy continued to recover last week after taking a hit during the partial U.S. government shutdown. Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index rose to -24, much improved from -39 in mid-October during the shutdown, but it has not yet bounced back to the -15 found in mid-September.


Americans’ economic outlook score entered positive territory in late May and early June for the first time since Gallup Daily tracking began in January 2008. The public’s perception of the economy’s direction has generally soured since then and got much worse during the government shutdown. Americans’ outlook is on the upswing, though, rising 20 points since mid-October.

Hopefully interest rates will remain low (they’ve gone down a bit since the rate hike in June), and 2014 will show a ...

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Majority of Homes Affordable at Median Income and Taos Still Has Bargains

The report below will show affordability of housing in various areas of the country. There are bargains here in Taos, too, even though we didn’t make the list. It’s instructional to see what other areas are making the list. Take a look and give me a call at 575-770-5023 to see what Taos has to offer.

64.5 percent of new and existing homes sold between the beginning of July and end of September were affordable to families earning the U.S. median income of $64,400.

 “Housing affordability is being negatively affected by a ‘perfect storm’ scenario,” observed NAHB Chairman Rick Judson, a home builder from Charlotte, N.C...

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