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Arizona HomesInternet search engines are the web’s most powerful advertising partner! Search engines send millions of potential buyers to real estate websites every day! Our listings are open to the search engines, in fact we send your real estate listing directly to the search engines regularly. Conventional real estate agencies use the MLS, multiple listing service. MLS BLOCKS direct search engine access to their real estate listings database !!!! Why? Because they sell their listing service to real estate agencies. Real estate agency websites boast MLS listings but in fact most real estate agency websites hide their listings behind poorly designed web forms, apparently more interested in harvesting visitors email address than providing open access to their property listings database. At Taos fsbo your listings are directly accessible by the web’s most powerful search engines! Best of all our home listing advertising service costs a SMALL fraction of the cost of real estate agency rates!!!

Taos fsbo & Real Estate gives you more choices than any broker does! There are a variety of discount brokers in the Taos real estate market, all offering their own level of service and pricing. We feel we offer the best of conventional real estate and flat-fee pricing.

Why pay a real estate agency 6% of your home price for doing little more than entering your property information, that you compile, into a MLS database that is practically hidden from internet search engines? You can enter your property listing information into our search engine friendly website in less than 15 minutes!

If your home is worth $390,000.00 you will typically pay a real estate agent $23,000.00. Why not SAVE YOUR $23,000.00!

Taos fsbo & Real Estate  will help you with advertising your home, submit your listing to the web’s most powerful search engines and if you want, show your home, place for sale signs and help with professional property photos.

FREE Listing. We handle all real estate search engine advertising, and you can sell to a buyer directly. For an additional $90 flat fee, we will provide a high visibility Featured Listing ad.
All the above services, Our listing fee is FREE. For Arizona homes for sale that list for over one million dollars, a 1% fee is acceptable.

Arizona HomesStart Listing Now and SAVE !!!  Get Started Now !

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